My Roommate and I

How to burn yourself alive.


This is just a blog that I thought would be fun to keep since we do odd things often, make ingenious comments that are never shared, and burn each other alive verbally.


We first met in October 2017 when the more Asian looking one of us transferred in from a boarding school in India.
First year or so, we were good friends. Same friend group, which meant same gossip. Strayed for the next two years. We were close, but not as close. We were in the same debate team for the rest of high school though. UGH.
Anyways, fast forward to senior year, I decide to apply to Northeastern University. I had specific reasons. Like my major, and co-op. One day Reshma comes up to me and asks, "Hey Yuri, are you applying anywhere early?" And I say, "Yea, I'm applying to Northeastern! They've got a cool program, and I only need my AP scores." Reshma, the sweet soul that she is, then goes, "Oh really? Maybe I'll consider applying as well." She walks away, and the application deadline was in a few days so I never really expected her to follow through. However, she did. And we both got in. I suggested, almost as a joke, that we can room together, and it just sort of happened. I could get into the details, but I'm sure you're tired of reading now.
So, we're now roommates, burning each other alive everyday. Cheers.


(or disclaimer)
This is meant to be content for my 5D tools class at Northeastern. Now, please don't ask me what 5D is. And I'm writing this just so anyone who happens to stumble to this quite obscure website on the Internet knows that this website is not intended as any form of permanent content, or that everything written on this website is factual because it's a blog. And blogs are filled with things like emotions and opinions that happen in the writers head. And the writer might even think over it in the future and think "Man I was stupid."
So this isn't intended to offend or hurt anyone, and I'm not going to be responsible for your fabrications that you develop from reading text online at an obscure website.

All the best wishes in the whole wide world,